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Project Description

Surviving the Titanic disaster – dynamic nomogram made by ‘DynNom’ package in R.

This dynamic nomogram is based on a logistic regression model fitted to the ‘titanic3’ data in ‘PASWR’ package in R. It represents the survival status of 1309 of the 1324 passengers on the Titanic. The dataset includes passenger’s information such as ‘pclass’, ‘survival’, ‘age’, and ‘sex’. The ’survival’ variable has two levels which indicate whether the passenger survived the Titanic disaster (’No’ or ’Yes’). The ’age’ variable indicates the age of passengers in years which could be fractional for kids younger than one-year-old. The ’pclass’ variable refers to passenger ticket class which includes three levels (’1st’ for the upper class, ’2nd’ for the middle class or ’3rd’ for the lower class). The gender of passengers is also shown in ’sex’ (’male or ’female’). This application is created using the DNbuilder function (DynNom package) in R.


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