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Ragweed data – dynamic nomogram made by ‘DynNom’ package in R.

This dynamic nomogram is based on a semi-parametric model fitted to the Ragweed data in ‘SemiPar’ package in R (see “Using meteorologic data to predict daily ragweed pollen levels” paper by Stark et al, 1997). Ragweed is a plant throughout North American that produces pollen which often causes allergic reactions. This dataset was recorded during the 1993 ragweed season in Kalamazoo, Michigan aims to predict the ragweed pollen level (’ragweed’) using the ‘temperature’, ‘rain’, wind speed forecast (‘wind’) and pollen season day (‘day.in.seas’). This data is also used in ” Semiparametric regression” book by Ruppert et al, 2003 (Section 7.5 Page 165) as an example to fit a semi-parametric model. This application is created using the DynNom function (DynNom package) in R.


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