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Lung cancer – dynamic nomogram made by ‘DynNom’ package in R.

This dynamic nomogram is based on a Cox proportional hazards model fitted to the NCCTG lung cancer data in ‘survival’ package in R which is derived from a bigger dataset from a study on the advanced colorectal or lung cancer patients (see “Prospective evaluation of prognostic variables from patient-completed questionnaires. North Central Cancer Treatment Group” paper by Loprinzi et al, 1994). This dataset includes time to death of 228 patients with advanced lung cancer. The study aims to investigate the effect of explanatory variables on the survival of lung cancer patients. The explanatory variables are age (‘age’), gender (‘sex’), the amount of weight loss in last six months (‘wt.loss’) and the ECOG performance score (‘ph.ecog’ which is a categorical variable varying from 0 = good to 5 = dead). This application is created using the DNbuilder function (DynNom package) in R.


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